The Top 5 Exercises To Help With Planche Training


The planche is one of the most difficult bodyweight skills to learn in calisthenics, this is due to the strength and dedication required to truly master this skill.  The planche has a few variations which are straddle planche, full planche (straight legs) and the maltese planche. Planche training is extremely frustrating as it takes such a long time to master, dedication, flexibility and hard work are all required if you are serious about learning how to planche.

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My Calisthenics Journey – Getting Started With Calisthenics Training

Once I had decided that I wanted to start calisthenics the next step was to work out what I needed to learn to build up my strength so I could start skills training.

If I’m honest this was quite daunting as there’s a wealth of information out there and I really wasn’t sure where to start. I think I took the standard approach here and searched for “How to start calisthenics as a beginner”, “Beginner calisthenics workout” etc.

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My Calisthenics Journey, From 0 To 2 Years

Front Lever

My training history was very varied before starting calisthenics, there isn’t much I haven’t tried in regards to sports/training.

I have taken part in various types of martial arts training including, MMA, Thai Boxing, Boxing. I have also played rugby and american football.

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How Important Is Flexibility For Bodyweight Training?


Flexibility is one of the most important parts of any bodyweight workout routine, more often than not flexibility is either left out entirely or not used to its full potential.

There are so many benefits to stretching and it some times surprises me the number of people that will start a rigorous workout without even warming up.

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5 Bodyweight Exercises For Stronger Legs

Leg Day

Our legs contain the largest muscle groups in the body but are neglected in many peoples work outs, there are many benefits to adding leg exercises into your workouts. Going to the gym every single day to perform just one workout can be at times impossible or not that appealing. Nevertheless, there is no need to head to the gym every day as you can easily use your own body weight and achieve the same goal.

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Metabolic Resistance Training: For Muscle Building And Fat Burning


Metabolic resistance training is one of the best training types and most strategic exercise practices to help in the burning of fat, toning of the body and improvement of the overall physical health, all at the same time. This type of workout is said to be the most effective in the world due to its rigorous workout techniques. It may involve activities such as cycling, rowing, running or sprinting, stair stepping among many other exercises.

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