was launched in 2016, the blog was started as I way to help others that are looking for information about bodyweight training and how to go about starting this type of exercise, my main passion is calisthenics which I have been taking part in for two years and have managed to master some impressive skills.

In the two years that I have been calisthenics training, I have made many mistakes that have slowed my progress down when it comes to mastering skills like the handstand, after teaching my brother how to perform hand balancing skills I decided to create easy to follow guides for beginners which detail all the mistakes that I made and how YOU can avoid them.

Currently, we have four detailed guides:

As my calisthenics skills improve over time I will be releasing more guides which will outline mistakes to avoid and exercises you can use to master the same skills.

Being interested in the health and fitness industry has taught me about training, diet, stretching and mobility and much more which I blog about on a regular basis.

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