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The Top 5 Exercises To Help With Planche Training


The planche is one of the most difficult bodyweight skills to learn in calisthenics, this is due to the strength and dedication required to truly master this skill.  The planche has a few variations which are straddle planche, full planche (straight legs) and the maltese planche. Planche training is extremely frustrating as it takes such a long time to master, dedication, flexibility and hard work are all required if you are serious about learning how to planche.

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My Calisthenics Journey – Getting Started With Calisthenics Training

Once I had decided that I wanted to start calisthenics the next step was to work out what I needed to learn to build up my strength so I could start skills training.

If I’m honest this was quite daunting as there’s a wealth of information out there and I really wasn’t sure where to start. I think I took the standard approach here and searched for “How to start calisthenics as a beginner”, “Beginner calisthenics workout” etc.

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The Top 5 Calisthenics Skills We All Want To Master!

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Picking the top 5 calisthenics skills that we all want to master was a hard choice as there are so many impressive calisthenics skills, these five skills are the most popular for beginners and intermediate calisthenics athletes.

There are many ways to learn each skill and everyone approaches them differently, there is no wrong or right way, the only proven way is hard work and dedication.

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