Barstarzz BTX VS The Bar Brothers System


There are many calisthenics programmes around at the moment but the two main programmes which you have probably already heard about are Barstarzz BTX 3.0 and the Bar Brothers System.

Below we will be reviewing each programme based on a variety of criteria including cost and value for money.



The bar brothers system is a 12-week comprehensive bodyweight training system. It is designed for men and women of all training levels.

The bar brothers system works for beginners just starting on a bar. It also works for experts with years of fitness training.


  • The Complete 12-Week Calisthenic Training Program
  • Over 140 Detailed Instruction Videos from Lazar and Dusan
  • Become Part of A Worldwide Movement (paid)



On the date of writing this article the bar brothers system costs $56.40, this cost is for the standard package only and does NOT include any skills training like the front and back lever, nutrition plans or social media group access.


The bar brothers system has one standard package with the ability to purchase four extra add-ons.
The total cost of the full package would be $217.20.

The System Accelerator $58.50 – A step by step guide to take your previous training to the next level. This is an upgrade to The System 12-week program.


The System – Freestyle Moves $44.40 – Step by step tutorials to 5 of the most popular freestyle moves. (Muscle Up, Front Lever, Back Lever, Pistol Squat, and Handstand Pushup.


Bar Brothers Nutrition $56.40 – A Step-By-Step Guide to Eating Healthy, Burning Fat, and Building Muscle. Bar Brothers Family $1.20 – Bar Brothers Family (facebook group) (recurring billing of $14.95 PM after)


The bar brothers system segments each of the add-ons into separate areas, the main 12-week program is split into 12 separate sections, one section for each week.

Once you have clicked the week that you would like to start, each routine or exercise is listed down the page as a single video.

There is an option to download the bar brothers workout pdf which allows you to follow along without having to log in to your account and watch the individual videos.


The bar Brothers system is very basic and you are able to access the routines and exercises via a couple of clicks, the general feel of the system is very old and outdated for what’s meant to be a very modern calisthenics program.


The content quality, especially the videos for me is the main downside of this entire program, all the videos are recorded in someone’s front room with little space to properly demonstrate the exercises that they are showing.


The downloadable content looks like it’s had no time invested into it before being added them to bar brothers system.



The bar brothers programme states that it’s suitable for all levels including beginners, I would be very surprised if a beginner could pick up this program and hit the ground running as even the fitness test at the beginning would be a challenge for a regular gym goer.

Once you get into week 5 the program really steps up a level which is completely unrealistic for a complete beginner, you are expected to complete four to five sets of 10 wide pull-ups, completing this many reps would be a challenge for a regular gym goer.

The strength and fitness test involves doing maximum reps for one minute at a time, you are encouraged to not stop and to keep pushing yourself, this is fine if you have a general level of fitness but in my opinion, this is not a good idea for someone that is brand new to exercise.

One of the main issues that I have with the bar brothers program is that you only get the very basics for your $56, everything else is a paid extra including their Facebook page which cost $14 per month.

From a cosmetic point of view, there has been no money invested into creating a modern and easy to use calisthenics program, the audio that accompanies the videos is of very poor quality which you wouldn’t expect from a program costing as much as it does.

All in all, I personally wouldn’t invest my money in this calisthenics programme if I were starting calisthenics as a beginner, if you’re at an intermediate level then I think this programme would benefit you as it’s more tailored towards this level of strength and fitness.

What Is The Barstarzz BTX 3.0 Programme?

The BTX Full Body Transformation Program is created to bring you to the next level. No matter what your calisthenics experience might be. No matter what your fitness level is. No matter who you are.

Each workout demonstrates the basic performance of a move, better suited to beginners and then a progression for people who are more advanced.

What’s Included In The Barstarzz BTX 3.0 Programme?

  • 4-5 highly effective workouts per week for 12 full weeks delivered in highest quality HD videos and downloadable PDF guides
  • NEW skill training every day as well as a huge variety of workouts over time so you don’t get bored but keep improving drastically
  • Step-by-step progressions to the most advanced calisthenics skills like muscle-up, front lever, back lever or planche tailored to your level of fitness: no matter if you are a complete beginner or already more advanced – you will get the best workouts to achieve your goals
  • 40 step-by-step exercise technique videos that make sure you work out with perfect form and get the best results
  • 284 challenging training lessons that will keep your motivation up and give you the most effective progress
  • Personal progress dashboard that shows you exactly where you are and which achievements you’ve made
  • Printable workout tracking sheets so you can write down your results and see your progress every day
  • Become part of the global BarStarzz community where people inspire each other and exchange their results
  • BONUS: 4-week pre-program for complete beginners including 78 training lessons that will get your fitness level up


How Much Does Barstarzz BTX Cost?

On the date of writing this article Barstarzz BTX costs $97, this costs gives full access to the beginner programme, full extreme programme and Facebook group.

Are There Different Package Types?

Barstarzz BTX currently has 3 different program types to choose from.

BTX Level 1 body Transformation Workout Program $97

This package includes a four-week programme, 78 HD quality workouts created by Barstarzz, downloadable guides and much more.

At the time of writing this article, the next package up is priced the same and you get a lot more features included:

BTX 3.0 Full Body Transformation Bundle $97

This package has been reduced down from $497 and it’s this package that the review is based upon.

BTX Online Coaching: Workout And Nutrition Program $1,699

This programme is not for everyone but is ideal for something that requires a more personal touch which includes a custom training plan tailored towards their specific goals.

This package also includes EVERYTHING from all of the other packages.


The barstarzz btx 3.0 programme is structured in a similar way to the bar Brothers program, each week is broken down into individual days, under each individual day the program lists out the exercises required.

The routines are structured in a way to help avoid injuries, this is achieved by following the instructions at the beginning of each video, each routine starts with a warm-up, followed by skills training, followed by the main workout, each workout ends by warming down and stretching.


The barstarzz btx programme is very straightforward to use as everything is in one place, the system allows you to mark exercises as complete so you can track your process.

The platform has a very modern and up-to-date feel which makes the barstarzz program easy to use on all devices.


All videos inside the barstarzz btx programme have been recorded in HD, also included in all the packages are downloadable PDFs which have had lots of time and attention spent on them, you can see that a lot of time and money has been invested in the quality of this product.


The barstarzz btx programme is ideal for a beginner as part of the bundle package you have the option to complete a four-week beginner program which builds the required strength and fitness for the main extreme programme.

One of my favourite features of this program is that it scales up with your ability, when you are ready to challenge yourself you are able to add on a boost work out to the end of your standard work out.

There is currently only an iPhone app for the barstarzz btx programme, the Android version is still in development with no finish date in sight.

The website works perfectly fine on an android device so isn’t a deal breaker for me.

All in all, the barstarzz btx programme is a perfect starting point for a beginner and is just as good for someone that already trains as the system gets harder as you get stronger and fitter meaning better results.




There is a clear winner here and that is Barstarzz BTX 3.0, this decision was based on value for money and how useful the programme would be for a complete beginner to calisthenics training.

I think the bar brothers program is very overpriced at $217 and isn’t ideal for a complete beginner, the most off-putting part of their offer is that you are asked to pay $14 per month to be part of their “exclusive” Facebook group which you get free with the BTX program.

If you are looking at starting calisthenics or looking to take your calisthenics training to the next level I would suggest heading over to the Barstarzz BTX website and check it out for more detail.