Barstarzz BTX 3.0 is the latest release of the Barstarzz body weight transformation programme and is packed full of new features to help you master impressive skills like the Muscle Up.



Barstarzz BTX 3.0 is a 12-week full body transformation programme that gets serious results. The programme is broken down into weeks and then days, each day you open the app or the pdf and complete the sets and reps stated in the routine, this routine is backed up by a high definition video so you can check how the exercise should be performed.

The Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme also offers an offline option if you would prefer not having to log in to the app or website every day, this would include downloadable content, you will still be able to view online content if you change your mind or need to check an exercise.

The quality of the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme is second to none, please see their muscle up techniques video below and reps you managed.

The Barstarzz BTX programme isn’t just about strength and fitness, there is an amazing community of athletes just like you sharing videos of their progress, transformation photos and generally keeping each other motivated to succeed, the online community has been praised by many people as a driving factor in their success.


Barstarzz is the leading calisthenics movement in the world at the moment, they teach people how to train through creative bodyweight movements, whether advanced or beginner.

Eduard Checo founded Barstarzz in 2009 and they have had great success, their youtube videos have had more than 1 million views. Barstarzz organises international events and competitions. Barstarzz have groups across the world where their athletes compete in competitions, Barstarzz also supplies free content via there youtube channel.

We recently caught up with Eduard Checo (owner of barstarzz) discuss the BTX programme and get more details about the programme and why he created it.


  • Tutorials – For example how to do the “perfect pull up”
  • Products
  • Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Community Challenges
  • Bodyweight Programme (BTX 3.0)

The Barstarzz youtube channel offers hundreds of videos that can help any level of bodyweight athlete learn new skills or move an existing skill to the next level. Below is a demo from inside the BTX programme teaching “Perfect pull up Technique”



Below you will find an example of how the weeks and days are split out inside the Barstarzz BTX programme which makes the system very simple to use.

Workout Structure

Each week is split into 4 separate workouts which include a warm-up, skills training, a workout and a warm down.

Each routine is broken down into four key stages for the BEST results and injury prevention.

  • Warm Up
  • Skills
  • Main Routine
  • Warm Down

Each workout also allows you to interact with other btx members who are on the same week/day as you via the comments sections where you can ask for help, motivation or simply share the time and reps you managed.


  • A complete 12-week video fitness programme with 4 highly effective workouts per week to build your strength, burn fat and get you in the best shape of your life.
  • Step-by-step progressions to get you doing impressive calisthenic skills, including the muscle-up.
  • Secret Facebook group to keep yourself motivated and to share your experiences with other like-minded people.
  • Available on all devices – train from your laptop, phone, iPad or TV.
  • Tailored to your level of fitness: no matter if you are a complete beginner or already more advanced – you will get the best workouts to achieve your goal.
  • 284+ challenging HD video training lessons that will keep your motivation up and give you the most effective progress.
  • BTX workout routines, exercise technique videos and structured training plans that help you to achieve your goals.
  • Offline Programme


Yes Barstarzz BTX is definitely for you, if you want to change your life for the better and be the best you can be then the BTX programme is for you.
The BTX programme is challenging and you will need to put in the hard work but you will love the results that you WILL see at the end of the 12-week programme!

Barstarzz BTX 3.0 has received some outstanding feedback from everyday people just like you and me, we have kids, go to work and experience the same struggles.

The Barstarzz BTX success stories go to show how much the BTX 3.0 programme has changed so many lives for the better.

The program is really well structured, you have a 4 week pre-program (which for some reason I didn’t do, I think it said it was for people that couldn’t do a pullup and I was pretty sure I could do a few but in retrospect anybody who hasn’t been doing calisthenics regularly for quite a while should start here), the 12 week main program and a skill training/workout library so you can go on to build your own program. – Daniel Winer


  • Pull-up bar to perform pull-ups, chin-ups and rows on, this could even be done using a bench press station for example.
  • A bench, box, sofa, chair or parallettes to perform dips on.
  • Parallettes (these are optional but they can be used to add a layer of difficulty)

If you don’t have the equipment listed above there are many ways around this by being creative with everyday items such as chairs and tables, you could also look if local workout parks have the equipment.

Barstarzz supply a service to find local calisthenics parks that have been approved by themselves.





The level one package costs $97 and includes a four-week workout plan, 78 HD workout video tutorials tailor-made by the Barstarzz experts, downloadable content, 12 step-by-step exercise tutorials for basic calisthenics moves and much more.



The full transformation bundle normally costs $497 but for a limited time has been reduced to $97, this plan includes a unique 12-week workout program, Personal progress dashboard, 284+ highest quality HD video workouts by BarStarzz, 40 step-by-step exercise tutorials for incredible calisthenics moves, BONUS: Full BarStarzz BTX exercise & workout library and much more.



The online coaching program currently costs $1,699 and includes everything from the BTX 3.0 Full Body Transformation Bundle, Individual Fitness Assessment on your workout goals, fitness level and training history.

100% Customized Training Plan for 3 months based on your Fitness Assessment – designed by the BarStarzz BTX Training Experts, Individual Nutrition Guidelines & Meal Plan based on your body type, goals and dietary preferences.

Unlimited Email contact and motivation from the BarStarzz BTX expert team and video Analysis on ALL your major exercises, workouts and skills training with expert advice on form and next steps.




I’m really unfit and overweight can i take part in this programme?
Yes, Barstarzz BTX 3.0 is for everybody but we would advise that you work at a pace that is challenging to yourself but not putting yourself in any danger of injury, if you have any concerns regarding your health please speak with a medical professional before starting this programme
Can i do BTX at home?
Yes, as long as you have the required equipment which is a pull-up bar, something that you can do bodyweight rows and dips on. If you don’t have these at home or a gym membership you could look at local parks to see if they have this equipment available.
How long are the workouts on average?
The workouts are between 30-45 minutes each, this may be slightly longer in the first few weeks while your getting used to the exercises etc.
Do I have to finish the programme in 12 weeks? What happens after that?
After purchasing BTX 3.0 for the current discount price (one-time payment, no subscription or hidden fees!) you will have a 3-month unlimited access to the BTX platform and all skill training’s, workout videos and structured training plans. As the programme is 12 weeks long, this is exactly the amount of time you need to finish it and have a great transformation.

Think of it as a hardcore boot camp, where everyone starts together and you will have guaranteed results. If there was no time limit, you would be likely to keep the “I’ll start next week” attitude and we wanna avoid that!

Before the end of the 3 month period, we will send you a reminder that your access is ending, and if you’d like to keep working out with the BTX platform, training videos, etc. you will have the opportunity to get a new access for a great members-only deal.

So just get started and don’t miss out!

How do I know which workouts I should do after I have signed up?
When you are purchasing the BTX Body Transformation Programme you will sign up with a username and password.

This is your login for accessing all the content on whatever device you like, whenever and wherever you are.

Then just follow the programme – Week 1, Workout 1 – let’s train! Meanwhile, the platform will track your progress so you always know where you left off. Each week you will find 4 workouts and every one consists of high quality and straight to the point video lessons, so you can see and hear what you have to do.

There will be high-intensity routines and new skill training sessions every day, so you stay motivated throughout the whole programme. So there’s nothing you can do wrong after signing up. Just enjoy the guidance through the workouts and train!

Are there any hidden fees?
There is no subscription or hidden fees when purchasing the BTX Full Body Transformation Bundle or Online Coaching Plan.

You only pay once when you sign up and get 3-month access to the full BTX platform, including Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the BTX transformation programme.

What is different about the workout and exercise techniques in the BTX Body Transformation Programme?
Barstarzz BTX uses calisthenic techniques and high-intensity workout routines in order to train your body using just your own bodyweight (and the bars of course).

With the BTX Full Body Transformation Bundle, you get a proven 12-week workout plan that introduces a NEW skill training every day, along with the most effective workout routines.

You only have to spend 30-45 minutes, 4 times a week and get impressive results. In these 12 weeks, you will become stronger and stronger while learning the steps to awesome exercises.

You will also have a personal progress dashboard that shows you exactly where you are and which achievements you’ve made. AND you will be part of a global community that supports you and pushes you harder than you ever could do it all by yourself!

What if I want to use the programme offline?
You can even download every month of the programme as a PDF, in case you’d like to print it out or practice without your laptop or mobile phone


Below are genuine reviews from current members of the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme.

Daniel Winer


I signed up for BTX in the summer of 2016 when it was first released. I’ve been very active and into exercise and sports all my life but prior to signing up I had gone through a period of about 15 months without any exercise at all.



I had been following barstarzz on YouTube and Facebook for a few years and then I saw their promo video for the Barstarzz BTX programme and signed up straight away as it looked awesome.



When I first came across the BTX programme it looked highly polished, it seemed like good value for the money and most importantly told me what I wanted to hear, i.e. you will do a muscle up (that eluded me for years). So I plucked up the courage, paid the £60 or so pounds for it, and dived it.
Barstarzz BTX 3.0 Review
  • Value For Money
  • Ease Of Use
  • Workout Effectiveness
  • Author Credibility


Barstarzz BTX 3.0 is a brilliant program and is packed full of valuable content that you can access online and offline, the barstarzz community is second to none and from personal experience very supportive and motivating.

The only downside to the BTX program is there currently isn’t an android app but the developers have confirmed this is coming very soon so this shouldn’t stop you buying the program as it works really well on all devices.