Daniel Winer Barstarzz BTX 3.0 Review

About Me And Why I Signed Up For The BTX Program

I signed up for Barstarzz BTX programme in the summer of 2016 when it was first released. I’ve been very active and into exercise and sports all my life but prior to signing up, I had gone through a period of about 15 months without any exercise at all, literally nothing at all.

I became a father to twin girls and couldn’t really find anytime and just let it slip. I signed up to BTX because I knew that I really needed something focused to get my strength back up as quickly as possible.

Prior to becoming a father I had done about a year of calisthenics but without really knowing what I was doing or with a very good program. I also did absolutely no conditioning work back then, all just strength training/max reps.

My BTX Goals

My goals for the barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme were basically just to get fit and strong, I wasn’t really hoping to nail any big moves seeing as when I started the program I was weak as hell.

What I Would Improve

  • Support on social media seems to come from people who don’t actually know anything about calisthenics
  • need better stretching and mobility sessions eg. after an intense leg day, it’s just same old stretching routine as on every other day. This makes no sense.

Program Structure And Program Progress

The program is really well structured, you have a 4 week pre-program (which for some reason I didn’t do, I think it said it was for people that couldn’t do a pullup and I was pretty sure I could do a few but in retrospect anybody who hasn’t been doing calisthenics regularly for quite a while should start here), the 12 week main program and a skill training/workout library so you can go on to build your own program.

I noticed a huge change after around 4 weeks in stamina and some changes in appearance. Around week 6 I got a bit injured and took a break and restarted. To this day I still haven’t actually completed the full program because the workouts towards the end just take a lot longer than I have available but I’m still using the BTX program alongside some more dedicated skill training (front lever).

The improvement in strength was phenomenal, at around week 4 or 5 I could do pretty strict ring muscle ups. All in all, I think the program is excellent and well worth the money.

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Ian Zammit

I had been following barstarzz on YouTube and Facebook for a few years and then I saw their promo video for the Barstarzz BTX programme and signed up straight away as it looked awesome.

Nick Walters

When I first came across the BTX programme it looked highly polished, it seemed like good value for the money and most importantly told me what I wanted to hear, i.e. you will do a muscle up (that eluded me for years). So I plucked up the courage, paid the £60 or so pounds for it, and dived it.