Interview With Eduard Checo – Owner Of Barstarzz

Barstarzz is the leading calisthenics movement in the world, they teach people how to train through creative bodyweight movements, whether advanced or beginner.

Eduard Checo founded Barstarzz in 2009 and they have had great success, their youtube videos have had more than 1 million views.

Barstarzz organises international events and competitions and has groups across the world that compete in calisthenics competitions.

They also supply free content via their YouTube channel which includes hundreds of tutorials for the best-knowen calisthenics skills.

We asked Ed the following questions relating to the Barstarzz BTX programme and his training.

What was your vision for BTX when you created the programme? Do you think it’s evolved since it’s first launch?

My vision when creating the BTX was to put out a very perfect calisthenics programme that brings you through progressions.

This was very important to me to learn in a very gradual process, that way people could learn it in a safe and efficient way.

So you see all these really good experts and really high-level calisthenics athletes show their skills by just simply trying to emulate the videos is not the best form.

I know because it took me many years of practice to really develop a key way to progress up in a ladder format and this is what I’m sharing with you guys.

I tested the routine over and over again and consulted with other fitness professionals before it was released.

Even the first launch had maybe a years’ work behind it and if you look at the knowledge aspect between me and other trainers involved, it was beyond decades.

BTX did evolve from the first launch, So after every launch, we take everyone’s feedback and critique because we did work with a group of professionals.

I consulted with other people along with my knowledge and we came up with the original programme but after the launches,we were able to get feedback from thousands of people and really make it better each time, I feel.

Is the BTX programme suitable for beginners?

Yes, I think without a doubt this is the best calisthenics programme on the planet for beginners and I feel like anyone who’s tried it can attest to it.

It’s a great programme to help get your conditioning right, help you get into good workout habits and methods and just a great programme overall.

If you just take calisthenics away, it’s a great finished programme, it targets every muscle and it keeps going, building up on a gradual pace, introducing stuff to you slowly but in progression so you’re never feeling overwhelmed.

How is the BTX programme different to all the other programmes that are available?

I think BTX is different because of how high quality it is.

So other programmes you’ll see there are self-made, filmed in people’s houses and really poor audio quality, poor video quality and even poor information as far as the structure of the workout programme.

With BTX you can tell there was a really big process to creating it, we used multiple videographers, graphic designers.

Then you get so much value for the price of the purchase. You get download PDFs, you get a cook book, you get this 12-week programme with so many videos and a whole calendar and a progress meter.

You get so much for, I think, what is a very affordable price.

I think it just blows out other calisthenics programmes out the water and if you could find people who’ve tried both, they’ll tell you there’s comparison videos and people who’ve tried more than one callisthenic programme.

I feel very, very positive and safe saying that Barstarzz BTX is the best out there.

What skills can people expect to learn from the BTX programme?

So the BTX programme is laid out in a very realistic gradual progression, pace.

So if you get the full programme it’s 12 weeks, in these 12 weeks, there’s only so much you could really honestly learn if you’re learning it in an efficient way.

So other programmes or videos might tell you could learn this, but it’s just not being realistic. Twelve weeks is a long time and it’s enough to transform your body and your mind set, but it is not a time to master calisthenics.

Like I said, some of the top athletes practice for years.

Some of the skills you could learn are definitely the Muscle Up, Window Wipers. This tutorial section of every different movement, exercise or skill is over – I want to say over maybe 100.

So it is a lot you can learn, but just to name the higher level skills you’ll learn tuck planche, you’ll be learning the introduction of a straddle planche, handstand, muscle ups, window wipers, front levers and back levers.

Pretty much the basic road map to give you the elements to learn everything else on your own.

How difficult are the workouts inside the BTX programme?

I think like I’ve been saying in every question, it goes at a gradual pace, at the beginning, everyone can be a part of it.

Towards the end, if you’ve been slacking it will show because of how difficult it will be to keep up.

If you haven’t been slacking then when these milestones come up, when these strong challenges and hard workouts come up, then you’ll conquer it because you’ve been following the programme and it’s been built at a very gradual pace.

So by the time you approach it you should be fully ready to tackle the workout.

Will there be any further updates to BTX 3.0 programme in the future?

It’s a programme that always evolving.

I feel we’re at the peak of it, this is the best programme it could be, but I always want to reach for it to be the highest quality and the best value that can be found anywhere.

We want to give you the most that we could give you and the highest and the best. There could always be updates in the future, but as of now, there are no planned updates.

After three strong launches and a bunch of tweaks, it looks awesome. It’s great.

What are your favourite calisthenics skills?

Firstly, I really love the planche push up, I feel like it’s such a powerful movement to be able to move your body up and down and really just control it the whole time.

I love the planche push up so that’s one of my favourite skills.

I’m a fan of the palm spin, it’s a freestyle movement where you are trying to spin over the bar.

It’s hard to explain, you could Google it up and you’ll see a lot of videos.

Those are my two favourite moves.

What advice would you give to a complete beginner to calisthenics?

That’s a good question.

I think determine what your goal is and then plan around that – If your goal is to get ripped, if your goal is to put on more muscle, if your goal is to learn particular skills.

I think that a lot of people get confused when it comes to learning skills.

If you want to learn the skills you have to practice the skills, so it’s not just working out really intensely, but you have to make time for practising the skills so it’s good that you separate it.

A lot of these skills take a very long time of practice but very important, educated and very specific practice.

So you can’t just do a lot of push ups and expect to planche, you have to incorporate very specifically the planche lean, the planche push ups and different steps working towards your goal.

If your goal is to lose weight or to build muscle, then you don’t really necessarily need the skills.

You should focus more on these base exercises and instruction for you – every person’s goal is not the same, you should judge yourself only on the standards of what you’re looking for.

So that would be my advice and take everything at a gradual pace. Don’t go for the hardest possible thing.

It’s fine. Everyone learns at a gradual pace, that’s the best way to learn.

Some people could get it just watching it and trying it, but there’s no rush.

Just if you see something and you want to learn it, just break it down into four smaller steps and beat them at a micro level.

That’s my advice.