Your First Barstarzz BTX 3.0 Workout

Fancy Giving A Barstarzz BTX 3.0 Workout A Try?

The Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme is one of the leading body transformation programmes around today and is currently being used daily by thousands of calisthenics athletes, the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme focuses on four main things.

Strength, fitness, nutrition and impressive bodyweight skills like the back lever and muscle up.

To get a feel for anything it’s always good to have a go at it before taking any action, below you will find a sample workout from week 1 day 1 of the barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme that you can try today.

Warm Up

Warming up properly is essential to get the most out of your workout and to help avoid unnecessary injuries so it’s important not to skip this stage.

Neck Turns (90 seconds)

Chest Flys (45 seconds)

Reach Back (45 seconds)

Arm Circles ( 60 seconds)

Cherry Pick-ups

Jumping Jacks (45 seconds)

Skills Training

Each workout starts with a warm-up (found above) then skills training, the skills training is always done for a max time of 100 seconds, the idea behind this is to focus on one movement pattern and master it, it also helps build up muscle endurance, each exercise comes with an easier version if you find yourself struggling.

PULL-UPS / NEGATIVE CHIN-UPS (max reps 100 seconds)


Maximum no. of sets with 1 min break in between each set – add 1 pull-up rep each round

Pull-ups or Negative Chin-ups (1 rep)

Pull-up hold (5 secs for each position)

Push-ups (10 reps)

Repeat this workout (adding one pull-up rep each time) until you can’t do any more sets.
For example:
Set 2: 2 pull-ups, 10 push-ups
Set 3: 3 pull-ups, 10 push-ups
Set 4: 4 pull-ups, 10 push-ups

After all workouts, you should always have a brief warm down, the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme is no different and is included in the full workout,  a “Boost” workout is also included with every workout, the boost workout is there to really push yourself if you feel you have some energy left or just want to see how far you can push yourself.

If you liked this workout then you will really enjoy the Barstarzz BTX 3.0 programme, below is a walk through of the full Barstarzz BTX 3.0 extreme bundle.

Barstarzz BTX 3.0 – Start Today!



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