We have compiled a list of exercises that we have used to achieve the skills listed below, there are many different ways to master a skill so we will include links to external resources for you to get the best idea of what could work for you.


It’s really important that you always train safely and smart to avoid injury, you can help avoid injuries by properly warming up and stretching before and after your workout. Working up through progressions will also help build the required strength which will help avoid injury.

How Are Our Videos Different?

There are hundreds of videos out there explaining how to handstand for example but they always seem to miss the little tips out that make a huge difference, our videos will include all the small tips that we feel will help you master a body weight skill.

Where Do I Start?

When starting out bodyweight training it’s vital that before you try and jump into anything too advanced that you build a solid base strength, this would include:

  • Push Ups
  • Squats
  • Pull Ups
  • Chin Ups
  • Hollow Body Holds (Dish)

All of the above exercises will help you progress faster when working towards a skill as they will build a base strength that you can work from, this is important so you can try and avoid injuries and bad form.


What Skill Should I Learn First?

This question is asked a lot and it comes down to your personal preference but you need to be aware that some skills take more time than others, we would suggest starting off with the handstand as this skill is the base for lots of other more advanced skills.

It’s impossible to say that a skill will take 4 weeks for example as everyone is different so bare this in mind when you are training as its easy to get frustrated.

Once your ready to start your skills training please see the guides below:

If you have questions or would like to request a “How To” guide for a skill not listed above please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.