Metabolic Resistance Training: For Muscle Building And Fat Burning

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Metabolic Resistance Training

Metabolic resistance training is one of the best training types and most strategic exercise practices to help in the burning of fat, toning of the body and improvement of the overall physical health, all at the same time.

This type of workout is said to be the most effective in the world due to its rigorous workout techniques. It may involve activities such as cycling, rowing, running or sprinting, stair stepping among many other exercises.

In addition, the metabolic resistance training strategy not only maximises caloric expenditure but also increases the metabolic rate at the same time.

Benefits related to this intense type of work out have a profound impact on personal health, which includes;

a) Calorie Burning Effect

Metabolic rate is simply the rate at which the body is able to convert calories eaten to energy. The energy produced is essential for day to day bodily activities such as digestion and heart functions just to mention but a few.

The basic principle for losing fat in relation to diet is simply the burning more calories than one consumes. At times genetics may play a role in an individual’s unique metabolic rate; however, metabolic resistance training also helps massively with speeding up the natural process.

During intense exercise, the muscles by default will demand energy production to order for the body to actually manage to meet this need, it must draw upon its energy store; fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to use and disburse energy in the form of calories.

According to research, this kind of high-intensity exercise can increase the body’s metabolic rate for up to three days post exercise.

b) Improved Hormone Profile

Various studies have been able to prove that metabolic resistance training strategy due to its high-intensity structure assists in the productions of hormones which assist in lipolysis (the breakdown of fats for energy).

In addition, this kind of training also has a positive impact on human Growth Hormone also known as somatotropin which helps with the building of muscle tissue, burning fat and reduction in ageing symptoms.

c) Improved cardiovascular system

For fat to be utilised as a source of energy in the body, oxygen must be present in order for fat oxidisation to happen.

This, in turn, results in the conversion of the fats to energy.

The red blood cells are the organelles in the bodies responsible in packaging oxygen and transporting it throughout the body. In a case where there is high demand for oxygen, the heart must then increase its beats per minute in order to meet this need.

This may lead to improved cardiac adaptations, such as increased stroke volume and reduced resting rate.

In addition, the maximum rate of oxygen consumption is able to increase as a result of this type of training, which is essential in allowing one to improve their performance capacity during optimal and sub-optimal exercises.

In conclusion, this type of exercise is highly effective with it being highly intensive, very involving both physically and mentally as well as one will definitely feel the burn. Never the less, the aftermath is very rewarding.

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