Planche Training

The planche is one of the most difficult bodyweight skills to learn in calisthenics, this is due to the strength and dedication required to truly master this skill.  The planche has a few variations which are straddle planche, full planche (straight legs) and the Maltese planche.

Planche training is extremely frustrating as it takes such a long time to master, dedication, flexibility and hard work are all required if you are serious about learning how to planche.

Straddle Planche

Full Planche

Maltese Planche

There are many different methods to learn the planche, we are all different so it’s important to try different exercises and see what works for you, the following 5 exercises are the exercises that I personally used to achieve my straddle planche.


L-Sit To Tuck Planche Holds

The L-Sit to tuck planche is a great exercise to start learning how and when to fire the required muscles for the planche, this exercise will also build up your straight arm strength which is vital when learning the planche.

An ideal rep range here is 3 sets of 5 reps.


Tuck Planche Holds

Every planche routine should have the tuck planche hold included as it’s so important to master the basics before moving on, the tuck planche will allow you to build up straight arm straight and spend time under tension which is important to get your body used to the stresses that it will encounter when learning the planche.

Once you can hold the tuck planche for around 20-30 seconds for 3 reps you can change the tuck planche out for the advanced tuck planche hold.


Tuck Planche Push-Ups

If you are just starting out with planche training then the tuck planche push-ups may be quite hard so take it steady and build up the reps.

Planche tuck push-ups build serious push strength and solid shoulders and triceps which are both required for the planche.

An ideal rep range here is 3 sets of 5 reps.


Flying Frog Hold

The flying frog is probably an exercise you’ve never heard of before, at least it was to me, I was introduced to this skill from a friend on Instagram called Danny Ratters.

The flying frog is one of the most beneficial exercises for planche training as it makes you start exposing more of your body making the tension a lot more intense helping build strength, the flying frog also requires you to start thinking about engaging your hips.

When I first started practising the flying frog it actually showed me how tight my hip flexors were.

Like the tuck planche push-ups if you are just starting out planche training this will take you some time to achieve so take small steps to avoid injury.

An ideal rep range here is 3 sets of 5 reps.


Handstand Push-Ups

Handstand push-ups may come as a surprise when you think about planche training but the importance of strong shoulders can’t be understated when you are training for the planche.

When you are performing handstand push-ups make sure you are using the full range of motion as this will develop more strength and the strength will also carry over to skills like frog stand to handstand.

You may find you can’t get as many reps when performing full range of motion handstand push-ups, don’t worry you won’t lose any strength you will actually gain!

There are plenty of other exercises that you can try out when learning how to planche like planche leans and leaning dips.

The 5 exercises above are what helped build up my straight arm strength to the level where I can straddle planche and straight arm handstand press.

Before any planche training session make sure that you warm up your wrists and shoulders really well to avoid injury, this is a very common reason for injury when people are learning how to planche.


Planche Training Routine

Give this workout a go…


  1. L-Sit To Tuck Planche (3 x 5reps)
  2. Tuck Planche Holds (3x Max Holds)
  3. Tuck Planche Push-Ups (3 x 5reps)
  4. Flying Frog Holds (3 x 5reps)
  5. Handstand Push-Ups (3 x 5-8reps)



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