5 Calisthenics Exercises To Build Straight Arm Strength

What Is Straight Arm Strength? Straight arm strength is the type of strength that is built from performing exercises with your arms locked out straight. Straight arm strength is a completely different type of strength compared to bent arm strength, developing straight...

7 Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners

Starting anything new can be daunting and calisthenics is no different, it’s really important when starting calisthenics that you build up a really solid base strength and the only way to do that is by focusing on the “basics”.

5 Calisthenics Exercises For Building Strength

There are hundreds of calisthenics exercises that we could have included in this list which will help you build strength.

The 5 exercises we have chosen are the exercises we feel are the most effective for creating an overall strength which will benefit you with your calisthenics training especially if you are a beginner.